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There are so many benefits of onion that you can get. Compared to medicine, red onions are more often used as a cooking spice, one of which is a sambal match. The unique taste and aroma will make a dish taste better.

Shallots are also suitable for all types of dishes, be it food in soup, stir-fry, and so on. No wonder this one spice is a mandatory spice that must always be in the kitchen. In the business world, there must be exporters and suppliers. They play an important role in selling or supplying resources in the form of raw materials to other parties (individuals/companies) that will be processed into certain goods or services. You also need to know about Red Onion Exporters And Suppliers in Indonesia.

Even though it has various health benefits, unfortunately, the nutritional and vitamin content in shallots will decrease or even disappear when it is cooked. The benefits of red onions can only be felt when consumed raw. So, what are the benefits of onion for health? Here’s the review.

What are the benefits of shallots?

Benefits of Shallots for Health

Helps Prevent Cancer

Did you know that onions can help prevent cancer? The content of onions called quercetin plays an important role in fighting the effects of harmful free radicals in the body. As we know, free radicals that are produced too much by the body can harm health. One of the bad effects of free radical buildup is cancer.

Quercetin is a type of antioxidant that gives onions their dark red color. The existence of these substances is certainly able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body. Even a study conducted on animals shows that the quercetin substance in raw onions can prevent the growth of lung cancer cells, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and endometrial cancer.

Helps Normalize Blood Sugar Levels

The next benefit of raw shallots is to lower blood sugar levels. This is evidenced by a study conducted in Sudan. This study, which involved people with type one and types two diabetes mellitus, showed continuity between shallots and decreased blood sugar levels. Diabetics who eat raw shallots regularly have normal blood sugar levels compared to those who do not eat them.

Improve The Immune System

A low immune system tends to make people susceptible to disease. Hence, nutritious food is needed to increase a person’s immune system. Raw red onions come with a variety of nutrients that can help boost the immune system. The selenium content in shallots is proven to be effective in boosting the immune system in the body so that we can avoid various diseases.

Improve Brain Health

The benefits of red onions are not limited to that. This one herb can also improve brain health because of the folate content stored in it. Folate is one of the eight B vitamins that the body needs to improve brain function by contributing to mental and emotional health.

Contains Protein Which Is Good For Body Health

The benefits of red onions, which are more often used as cooking spices, make people forget about the nutritional content them. In fact, onions contain protein that is good for body health. One serving of shallots weighing 148 grams contains 1 gram of protein.

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Red onion exporter and supplier


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