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Before we talk further about pepper seasoning, you must first know that pepper and pepper are the same things, you know. Pepper and pepper come from the same plant which has the Latin name Piper ningrum L. This plant produces spices from its seeds which we will later call pepper spices or pepper.

The use of the word pepper or pepper usually refers to its shape. The word “pepper” is usually used when it is still a grain, and “pepper” is usually used when it is powdered. This pepper and pepper seasoning is a very important component or spice in various parts of the world. Find the most comprehensive agent, Sichuan pepper exporter, and supplier here. The largest Sichuan pepper trading center in Indonesia.

Types of Pepper Seasoning

The pepper used as a cooking spice consists of white, black, green, and red pepper. Black pepper is thought to have come from Malabar, India. Meanwhile, white pepper from the Indonesian island of Bangka. In addition, Green Pepper from Madagascar and Red Pepper from Kerala, India.

Green pepper is widely used in European and Thai cooking, especially for making mustard and other sauces. Red pepper has a sharper and spicier taste and aroma than the green pepper. However, black pepper is still the tangiest and spicy in taste. This type is most widely used for European cooking. The types of pepper are as follows:

  • Green Pepper
  • Jambu / Rose Red Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • White Pepper
  • Lada Schezuan
  • Black Pepper

What Are the Types and Benefits of Pepper?

Use of Pepper Seasoning for Health

In addition to making dishes more delicious and delicious, pepper also has benefits and properties for health. Plus, pepper is also believed to warm the body. Pepper is also used as a medicine to relieve headaches.

In pepper contains substances that carry spicy properties, namely kavisin. In our bodies, substances that carry spicy nature will work to reduce brain activity when it receives pain signals that are transmitted from the nervous system.


In other words, the compounds that carry the spicy taste are effective in reducing pain complaints in the brain. The substance contained in pepper can overcome body odor problems, smooth menstruation, help relieve heartburn, toothache, and various types of skin diseases.

White pepper is widely produced in the Bangka Belitung area, a beautiful island in Indonesia that is the largest producer of pepper today. Here are some of the benefits and health benefits of white pepper:

Helps Relieve Arthritis

White pepper contains capsaicin which is also present in chilies, this has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, white pepper is very beneficial for everyone who has arthritis and suffers from muscle swelling and pain.

Helps Lose Weight

White pepper itself has properties like black pepper, which helps in burning fat in the body so that it helps in losing weight.

Treating Cancer

The capsaicin in white pepper can kill some cancer cells. These findings are very useful in treating prostate cancer. However, further research on this subject remains.

Cure Headaches

Headaches occur when neuropeptides are substances that transmit pain to the brain. However, capsaicin can block this transmission and thus reduce headache symptoms.

Treating Cough

By consuming white pepper powder coupled with a little honey can be a natural cough medicine. Honey and white pepper combined will have antibiotic properties and also produce heat. So that these two ingredients can reduce coughing.

That’s a discussion about some of the benefits of Sichuan pepper. We recommend that you order Sichuan pepper with us. As one of the best Sichuan Pepper Exporter And Supplier in Indonesia, we provide good Sichuan Peppers and of course, their benefits are guaranteed.

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Indonesia Lemon Pepper Exporter and supplier (Sichuan)



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