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Garlic is the name of the plant genus Allium as well as the name of the tuber produced. Bulbs and garlic plants are the main ingredients for the basic spices for Indonesian cooking.

The nutritional content contained in garlic per 100 grams includes energy, sugar, carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, protein, beta carotene, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, manganese, zinc, and selenium. You can contact the Garlic Exporter And Supplier who has joined directly to get information regarding the product you want from trusted suppliers and distributors with the best price quotes.

Benefits / Efficacy of Garlic for Health

With a rich content that is beneficial for health, garlic can be relied on as an antidote to serious diseases to help the diet program. Here’s a list of the properties of garlic that you need to know:

Lowering High Blood Pressure

The first benefit of garlic is to lower high blood pressure. Garlic contains antioxidants and also allicin. Both of these compounds have the ability to lower high blood pressure by improving the circulatory system and also nourishing the arteries.

Treating Lung Infection

Its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties fight germs, bacteria, and microbes that cause lung infections. Be diligent in consuming 2 cloves of garlic every day.

Eradicate Bad Cholesterol

Consuming garlic regularly has been shown to increase insulin production in the body. And also can significantly cut bad cholesterol or LDL by 15%. No need to worry, because garlic does not affect good cholesterol (HDL).

What Are the Benefits of Garlic?

Prevent Cancer

The next benefit of garlic is as a cancer preventive. The bioactive sulfur compounds in garlic are believed to have an effect at every stage of cancer formation. These compounds can affect biological processes so that cancer does not have time and does not form.

This is also because the content of PhIP, a form of heterocyclic amine (HCA) that can trigger breast cancer in women, can be inhibited from developing. And converted into a carcinogen by diallyl sulfide substances.

Treating Toothache

Toothache is caused by bacteria that invade and develop in the mouth. If you want to treat toothache, you can use garlic. The anti-bacterial properties in garlic can effectively kill the bacteria that cause toothache.

Supports the Immune System

Not only from fruit, but this kitchen spice is also proven to be able to increase our immune system so that it is more resistant to disease attacks. This is possible thanks to the large amounts of allicin and allinase. The threat of external germs can easily be “countered” by garlic.

Protect Heart Health

The study found that people who took two garlic extracts a day for two months reduced their blood pressure significantly. It is also able to avoid clogged arteries for people with hypertension. Therefore, garlic is a natural ingredient that is very useful for our heart organs.

Maintain Brain Function

Researchers found that the drug (carbohydrate derivative) compound in garlic protects brain cells against the effects of aging which can reduce their performance. That way, consuming garlic regularly and appropriately will prevent us from diseases related to brain function. Like Alzheimer’s, or dementia, or dementia.

Improve Athlete Performance

If you are an athlete or you regularly get heavy exercise. Eating garlic can make you train for a longer time than usual.

That’s a discussion about some of the benefits of garlic. We suggest you order garlic from us. As one of the best Garlic Exporter And Supplier in Indonesia, we provide good garlic and of course, its benefits are guaranteed.

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Garlic exporter and supplier


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