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Copra is dried coconut flesh. So far, processed coconut products are claimed to have benefits for health is VCO. This VCO is an oil produced through a certain process and is as original as possible as in its natural state. Many people know that the benefits of this VCO are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and also play a role in controlling bad cholesterol in the blood and heart health. And besides the VCO, it turns out that there are other parts of the coconut which also have considerable benefits for human health. ”

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Types of Copra

Types of copra are white copra or wet copra and dry copra. Then, secondly, there is also copra from smoking or dry copra. The copra that results from smoking is copra which is piled up in smoking/heating racks by firewood and the like.

The third is copra from sun drying. This type of copra is sufficiently heated and dried depending on the hot sun. Of the three types of copra available, the method of white copra is considered to be faster in generating a circulation of money, because only by simply gouging it, sacking it, weighing it, selling it, and getting money.

Then the copra produced by smoking is considered to be of better quality and dries faster in around 2-3 days, only requires additional fuel costs to dry copra, but coconut shells can be used. Then copra, the result of sun drying, takes a very long time to become dry copra, about 7 days. and rely heavily on the weather, the results are sometimes moldy.

What Do You Know About Copra?

Drying Techniques and How to Make Coconut Copra

If you choose the manual method, you can slowly grind the coconut meat. However, this is very dangerous for the hand. It also gets messy meat yields. To simplify the process of releasing meat from coconut shells, you can use the drying technique first.

Sun Drying

Drying using this natural method requires patience. Especially if you are entering the rainy season. If the weather is getting better the drying process is carried out for 2 days. After that, the coconut meat can be gouged out. Next, it is dried again for 3-5 days to get dry copra. In good weather, continuous drying for 8 hours can evaporate ± 1/3 of the moisture content in the fruit.


Using this drying technique can save your costs because it takes advantage of natural methods. You also don’t need to use a lot of fuel and tools. You can spread the fruit pulp on the drying floor or bamboo rack which is also a natural event. The use of this natural method, although it takes a long time, can produce the best quality copra.


The drying process is very weather dependent. From time to time when you dry it may rain. For that, you have to be ready or take care when drying coconut meat. If the sun doesn’t come out or it doesn’t rain too, the drying process will take longer. Also, if the weather is not good it can allow fungal growth.

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Copra exporter and supplier


Coprathe dried meat of the coconut from which oil is extractedMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)


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