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Maize is an annual crop (annual). One life cycle is completed in 80-150 days. The first half of the cycle is the vegetative growth stage and the second half is the generative growth stage.

You can contact Maize Exporter And Supplier who has joined directly to get information related to the product you want from trusted suppliers and distributors with the best price quotes. High maize plants vary greatly. Although maize plants are generally between 1m and 3m in height, some varieties can reach 6m in height. Plant height is usually measured from the soil surface to the top internode before male flowers.

Maize is a monocot, which is classified as fiber-rooted which can reach a depth of 8 m although most of it is in the range of 2 m. In mature plants, adventitious roots emerge from the knuckles of the lower stem which help support the plant’s upright.

Maize stalks are erect and easily visible, like sorghum and sugarcane, but not like rice or wheat. There are mutants whose stems do not grow rapidly so that the plants are rosette-shaped. Stems are jointed. The bundle wrapped in leaf midrib that appears from the book. Maize stalks sturdy enough but not many contain lignin.

What are the Benefits and Ingredients of Maize?

Benefits And Content Of Maize Is Good For Health

 High in carbohydrates, useful as a source of energy

Carbohydrates are an important factor as a source of daily energy. To get carbohydrate intake, you can eat maize. This plant with the Latin name Zea mays has a fairly high carbohydrate content. On average, one stalk of maize contains 10-15% carbohydrates, the amount varies depending on the type of maize. The fiber content in it is good for digestion

Not only high in carbohydrates, but maize is also rich in fiber. In maize, there are two types of fiber, namely soluble and insoluble fiber. This content is very good for maintaining healthy digestion. The soluble fiber in the heart can close the absorption of cholesterol. Consuming maize can also facilitate bowel movements, prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Rich in protein, good for bone and muscle formation

The formation of strong muscles and bones is greatly influenced by protein intake. Maize is also a food that contains protein. Maize also contains minerals such as magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. All of the ingredients are very necessary for bone health. Fulfilling the needs of protein and these three substances is very necessary to prevent damage or fractures when old.

Vitamins in maize can help lower LDL cholesterol

Maize contains vitamin C, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids. These three ingredients are very useful for maintaining heart health. Regular consumption of maize can help control cholesterol levels in the blood. Not only that, but the content in maize is also useful for reducing cholesterol in the body.

Maize has anticancer properties

Cancer is one of the deadliest hurts. To prevent this, you can eat foods that are healthy and have anticancer properties such as maize. Several studies have shown that the antioxidant content in the heart can be useful for fighting cancer.

Not only that, but maize is also a great source of phenolic compounds. These compounds are very effective in fighting tumors in the breast and liver. Consume maize regularly to get optimal benefits for your health.

You can try consuming boiled maize and mixed with milk as a delicious and healthy snack. That’s a discussion about some of the benefits of maize. We suggest you order maize from us. As one of the best Maize Exporter And Supplier in Indonesia, we provide good maize with guaranteed benefits.

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Maize exporter and supplier


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